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I love lists

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Grocery List

Perhaps it's the Myers-Briggs J in me, but lists are appealing to me. And when I went to a conference led by Molly Holzschlag where she showed us that nearly everything in life (and web design) is a list, I was in heaven. Of course, most people I talk to don't get as excited about styling unordered lists (and ordered lists and definition lists...) as I do. But trust me, go forth and use lists! You won't be sorry!

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Spring cleaning for your website

Monday April 14, 2014

Playing outside in a hammock

This time of year inspires me to do two things: 1. lay outside in my hammock and 2. organize and clean my house. But there's no reason why you can't organize and clean your website too, especially when it's too chilly to lay in the hammock. These two articles will help you find a few things to do to give your site an update even if you don't have time for a full-on redesign.

Read the articles: Tips for Improving Your Web Designs and Organize Your Website

Web Design Businesses - Start with a Business Plan

Tuesday April 8, 2014

A website business plan

If you're ready to start a work-from-home business as a web designer, there are a lot of things you need to do to prepare and be ready. The key is creating a business plan. If you treat your home business like a business from the start you'll be better off in the long run and have a more lucrative business.

Read the article: Learn How to Write a Professional Web Design Business Plan

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Are you buried in spam?

Monday April 7, 2014

Spam Avalanche

Sometimes it feels like I'm caught in a spam avalanche. There are so many spammers out there and they have so many tricks and techniques it can be frustrating to try and stay ahead of them.

I learned lately that spammers are now starting to employ low-paid people to submit their spam messages. Which explains why more spam seems to be getting through, despite my efforts. Today I posted a list of six of the most modern techniques available for fighting spam. I've used all of them, and I can tell you that they do work. Some work better than others, and some are more effective as an add-on, but they do help turn the avalanche into a more manageable trickle of spam.

6 Modern Solutions to Protect Web Forms from Spam

What techniques have you tried? Come share your thoughts on Google+ or Twitter

Beginning HTML: How to Use the <strong> Tag

Wednesday April 2, 2014

This text is bold

The HTML STRONG tag is an easy tag to learn and use. It's just <strong>this text is bold</strong>. Find out all the stats on this important HTML tag. And if you want to learn more about other HTML tags, you can read about them in my HTML Tag Library.

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What should HTML stand for?

Tuesday April 1, 2014

HTML Could Stand for "How to Milk Llamas"
Maybe HTML should stand for "How to Milk Llamas"

Most of you already know what HTML stands for (HyperText Markup Language), but what should it stand for? How to Mold Lapdogs? Heavy Turnstiles Mangle Legs? Hippo Tongues Make Leather? Find out some of the possible meanings for the abbreviation HTML in this article: What Should HTML Stand For? or post a comment with your own definitions.

Happy April Fools Day!

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Don't Fear the Panda

Monday March 31, 2014

A cute baby panda

After the Panda changes Google started in 2011, I have a lot of friends who don't like visiting the National Zoo because they have to see the pandas there. But it's been four years, it's time to stop being afraid of one little bear and start focusing on our quality content instead.

In this article Don't Fear the Panda - SEO in a World After Panda I look at the reasons why you shouldn't be worried about the Panda algorithm changes and what you can do instead to improve your web pages.

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Don't forget attributes, but use CSS where you can

Friday March 28, 2014
When people think of HTML they often think only of the tags, but the attributes are a vital part of the equation. You might be surprised at some of the attributes listed in this article Don't Forget the Attributes. Many of them you should never see in web pages because they have been deprecated in favor of style sheets. If you come across these attributes this article will help you change them to the more appropriate CSS styles.

What is design?

Monday March 24, 2014
woman laying beside technology What do you think design is? Some days I think that design really is the basis of humanity. And other days I think design is a completely lost art. And it really is an art, because there isn't any style or type of design that hasn't been created and loved by someone, even if only the designer himself. There is a lot of bad design out there, but there's also a lot of really amazing designs. What is design?

Are you considering a CMS?

Friday March 14, 2014

stacks of CDs
Many websites look like these CDs--hundreds of pages just put anywhere in any pile. At least they're neatly stacked, right?

Finding the right CMS for your business is more than just finding the cheapest one you can find. There are lots of tools out there, but it can still be hard to decide.

How to Choose the Best CMS for Your Website

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