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MovableType 3.0 - Disappointment

By May 14, 2004

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MovableType has been hyping their new 3.0 version for a while now, and yesterday they announced it. Yay! thought I and many other bloggers, until we were told about their new licensing plan. Now, I'm thinking BOO!!! and am considering WordPress and other tools.

Mena's Corner: It's About Time (Time for what?) Time to mess with your loyal followers?

The new licensing provides four levels of support for "personal" users:
  1. Free - with 1 author and 3 blogs (since my husband uses our blogs and I run 6 currently to manage my personal site, this won't work for me)
  2. $99.95 ($69.95 introductory price) - 3 authors and 5 blogs (still no good)
  3. $149.95 ($119.95 introductory price) - 6 authors and 8 blogs (OUCH)
  4. $189.95 ($149.95 introductory price) - 9 authors and 10 blogs

Plus a couple of Commercial Licenses ranging from $300 to $700. None of the licenses allow for unlimited blogs and authors.

Then there's what I consider the slap in the face. Mena says "donors who have ever contributed $20 or more to Movable Type will be able to apply their full donation to this version. For many who donated, the difference after applying their donation will be a nominal fee." Last time I checked, but nearly $50 for the lowest level license ($70 intro fee minus $20 donation = $50) is 150% more than I originally paid/donated. I wouldn't consider that "nominal". That's how they say thank you to those people who kept them going through the lean times.

Thanks, but no thanks, WordPress or other tools are beckoning.
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