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Is speed really still important with high-speed connections?

By April 9, 2012

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The short answer is “yes.” But I got a comment over the weekend that made me start thinking about this issue again. DazzaJ wrote:

“The cost of extra tags is nothing in modern browsers and connections.”

This got me to thinking. In one sense, DazzaJ is exactly right, most users (at least in the United States) are viewing the web on broadband connections or at work, and speed benefits that cause a page to load one or two milliseconds faster aren't going to be noticed by them. But if this is really true, then why do web optimization experts like Google and Yahoo! recommend doing them?

The reality is that while removing extraneous tags might not result in noticable speed gains for many of your customers, but there are still very good reasons to do them. Find out why even the small speed gains can make a difference to your site. Read the full article: Even Small Speed Gains are Important

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