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Poll: Do you write browser specific web pages?

By December 13, 2012

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It can be really tempting to write HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that works only in the browser that you use most often. Do you do it?

Browser specific design, while tempting, really isn't a good idea. For one thing, you're instantly limiting your audience. No matter how nicely you word your “this page works best in…” message, the fact* is that no one who wasn't related to the designer or forced to by IT has ever changed their browser because a web page didn't work in it.

No matter how much time you save in testing, you are ultimately doing your readers and clients a disservice by not making your web pages as browser agnostic as possible.

How to Write Browser Agnostic Web Pages

* Okay, yeah, I haven't tested this, but it stands to reason, right?

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