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Taking Another Look at Hype (and No-Code Editors in General)

By December 18, 2012

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Tummult HypeI have been reviewing web editors for many years now, and I do have strong opinions about what is the best web editor for the job. My bias has always been towards text editors because I feel like once you know the HTML you can write your pages more quickly by writing the HTML directly in an editor that assists you in that editing. I never really used WYSIWYG editors, even when they had text editors built in (like Dreamweaver) and no-code editors I found to be nearly worthless. And these opinions were reflected in my reviews.

But in the last two years, I've been learning that what I think is the best isn't always the best for everyone. And in fact, I took a class where we had to use Adobe Muse (another no-code editor) and I cringed at the beginning of the class, but decided to stay. Towards the middle I was getting intrigued, and by the end I realized that I had it wrong. There is a place for all types of editors—no-code editors are great when you don't want to fiddle with the HTML or CSS (or you don't know those languages), WYSIWYG editors are great for designing first and then going into the code, and of course text editors and IDEs are perfect for writing the code.

Because of that, I've been taking another look at web page editors that might have gotten low reviews from me in the past because they were no-code or WYSIWYG editors. Hype is one of the first ones I've looked at. In my first review of Hype 1.0.5 I gave it two stars. But in my revised review, I gave it more. Find out what I think of Hype now that I've got a clearer understanding of where it fits in the web design editor ecosystem by reading my review of Hype 1.5.

Read the full review: Hype HTML5 Web Editor Version 1.5 Review

Other No-Code HTML Editors

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December 18, 2012 at 9:35 pm
(1) Worldvet says:

I always said it is never too late for anyone to ‘get it’. You have found out from this class just how elegant it can be to generate a page or set of pages on the fly quickly in an editor and then dive and and tweak the daylights out of if when there is an strong basis in raw coding of html, css and javascript.

Probably like you, I started with raw html 1.0 in the early 90s before Netscape or even AOL got into individual web pages. When html 2.0 came out and we could use color a world of creativity opened up and it was a lot of fun to write them html and see what happened. Netscape 1.11 made this experimentation accessible to the public. But folks like us are rare anymore and Mom and Dad who may want to try their hand need WSIWAG.

I don’t build web sites for a living anymore because the mystery has been removed and basically I’m retired now anyway. I enjoy your reviews and as an old raw coder will miss the slant you had put on things, but still I can say welcome to the club of this technique you’ve discovered.

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