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Jennifer Kyrnin

Should Web Designers Blog?

By December 21, 2012

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Some days I wonder if designers and other visual artists should write blogs. There are many reasons why writing a blog can simply get in your way. Helen South, About.com Guide to Drawing and Sketching gives five reasons artists shouldn't be blogging, and I think they are really good reasons. My mother has been doing a lot of art in the last few years, and one of the reasons that she's been successful is because she's focused on that art—excluding other things that might take away from her art. I think the same is true for designers. The more you work on improving your design skills, the better you will become, and after you've designed your blog's layout, you'll mostly be doing writing, not designing. Of course, there are good reasons for artists and designers to consider blogging too.

What do you think? Do you blog about your design work or your art? I do about both in several different venues. Share what you think in the comments.

December 30, 2012 at 7:18 pm
(1) Twitter: @Best_B_Website says:

I think it is very important for webdesigners to blog or do some sort of writing online.

Becoming a better designer is (as u wrote) definitely important but when you want to grow a webdesign business it is also important to connect to people you don’t already know.

I think designing and learning to become better should take about 75% of your time, but my opinion is that if you want to grow a business you should at least spend 25% of your time on letting the world know that u exist (offline and online),

Let me know what u think of my comment.

Kind regards,

January 21, 2013 at 5:25 am
(2) Web Doubts says:

Absolutely, every professional Web Designer must blog for expanding the network globally. A blog site helps web designer to interact with other web designers and it helps pro web designers to share their knowledge also to accept ideas from other. This is a right way to upgrading the knowledge. Similarly, Pro Web Designers get lot of opportunities to get web designing proposals from others. As an experienced Web Designer, i know importance of blogging. So, other web designers also must blog.

January 24, 2013 at 1:54 am
(3) web design and development says:

actually owning a blog is a very nice perspective for every web designer out there. since they can publish some thoughts, ideas and some tutorials on how to create or what’s the latest updates in the web development world. blog will become their way of silently communicating to others.

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