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Not Inspired? Here's a Challenge for you…

By January 18, 2013

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I got a comment from Daz last week about my post about “Snow Fall” that ended with:

“No offence intended, I don't get the "amazing" bit, I must be missing something!”

I'm not at all offended. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! What's inspiring to me might look like dog food to someone else. I do try to explain what I find inspirational about the site in my review (you need to click beyond the blog post to see the review), but even then you might find that you totally disagree with me.

Disagreement is Fine, But Here's a Challenge for You…

If the sites that inspire me do nothing for you, what sites do inspire you? Every week at the bottom of my inspiration post and at the bottom of the review of that week's site I ask for your thoughts and opinions. And you are welcome to post comments directly on the blog post itself, too.

But my challenge for you is to spend some time really thinking about what sites inspire you and why. What makes the sites you love and want to emulate so great? And once you've come up with some, submit them to my site. It doesn't matter if the site that inspires you is a table-based layout built in 1996, as long as you can articulate why you find it inspiring.

The next time you look at one of the sites in my web design inspiration series and think “Ugh!” I challenge you to submit a site that does speak to you so that I can highlight that site too.

January 19, 2013 at 5:06 pm
(1) Daz says:

Just a quick response, I did read the full article on snow fall as well as trying to read the original article on nytmes.
I agree with most of your thought re layout and general typography but think general layout was bland and story though professionaly written was excessively long and not broken up enough. The average page was equivalent to 9 to 110 printed pages in length, making the story 45 to 50 ages roughly! I personally found it difficult to read due to the way it was written (I’m not a book reader.) I found myself skipping over parts of limited interest, then going back etc.
Personally I would have broken it down into more pages with links to each section to expand on areas rather than one long story. And not have picture and videos clumped together but spread out more. (and smaller)
The advertising destroyed the whole layout, a large black bar across a white layout! (IMO Advertising wrecks most websites!)
Overall it was a GOOD layout for the type of item it is, but some good ideas can betaken from it. Though better than some, not that much different than most.
When I get time I will try and take up the challenge and send you a few ideas on sites that I DO get inspiration and ideas from a number of sites. (Even this one!) I don’t think I’ve found a perfect site yet, but hopefully working on one.
Keep up the good work!

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