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Why you should consider dumping the FONT element in favor of CSS

By February 8, 2013

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CSS loveI admit, I prefer to use CSS over HTML tags whenever I can. I think that separating styles from content helps improve web pages. I probably am something of a CSS freak to some of you. And perhaps that appelation is appropriate. But I think in the case of the FONT element if you're still using it instead of CSS, you're making a mistake. CSS gives you so many ways to fiddle with your typography on your web pages that to continue to use the FONT element that only gives you the options of changing the font face or family, the color, and the size (in fairly limited ways) seems, well, crazy to me.

If you continue to use the FONT element, I would love to know why. I'm guessing that some of it is familiarity and comfort, some of it is security (you know it will work, you're not sure of CSS), and some of it is a lack of desire to change. But I'm just guessing. Do you still use only or primarily the FONT element? Why? Please post your feedback in the comments below.

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