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Kids want to learn HTML too

By May 6, 2013

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Kid with BalloonsOne of the great things about HTML and web design is that it’s something almost anyone can do. And learning HTML can help kids (and adults) learn programming and other aspects of writing and development.

So this month, I teamed up with the About.com Kids’ Learning Activities Guide, Amanda Morin, to create a series of articles to help kids learn HTML. The articles are written by my guest author (and Amanda’s husband) Jon Morin. The three of us believe that these articles will be an excellent resource for kids who want to learn HTML, or who eventually want to understand how to program computers.

Let’s Get Started

Here are the first few articles in the series. I recommend you and your kids follow through them in order, reading through first Amanda’s information article and then the associated HTML article. Then your kids can sit down and start actually writing HTML to view in a web browser. If you have any questions as you go along, don’t hesitate to let me know. You can send me email to webdesign [at] aboutguide [dot] com or post your question to the comments below.

  1. Web Writing for Kids: Style and GrammarHTML for Kids: The Basics
  2. Tools for Kids to Learn ProgrammingHTML For Kids: The Tools and Rules of HTML
  3. Using Bold in Writing and Using Italics in WritingHTML for Kids: All About Tags
  4. When to Use Tables and ListsHTML for Kids: Adding Lists and HTML for Kids: Adding Tables

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