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Free HTML Class (Weekly)

Learn HTML in this Free Online Course

Weekly HTML Lessons

Instructor: Jennifer Kyrnin

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HTML is the language of the web, and by learning to write HTML, you will learn how to write web pages. This class will teach you how to read and write HTML4 and HTML5—the latest version of the HTML specification.

This class will cover:

  • Differences between HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML
  • Basic HTML tags and attributes needed to write a web page
  • New HTML5 tags and attributes you can use right now on web pages
  • Tags for displaying:
    • text
    • links
    • images
    • lists
    • tables
    • frames
    • forms
  • And best practices for building web pages with HTML4 and HTML5

HTML Class Logistics

There are a few things you should be aware of before signing up for the class:

  • You cannot change your email address in the middle of the class, so please be sure to use an address that will be available for the complete length of the class: 15 days
  • Please add newsletters@about.com to your address book. This is where the course lessons will be sent from.
  • Please disable any anti-spam measures for the newsletters@about.com address, otherwise you will not receive the lessons.

HTML Class Resources

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