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Adding Images to eBay Auctions

Your Items will Sell Better with a Photo


Images are important and they are very important to good eBay auctions. According to eBay, your auction item will be more likely to sell if you display a photo or picture of it on your advertisement.

A Photo in an eBay Auction

First you need to take a photo of your item for sale. You can take a picture with a digital camera or a normal camera. If you have a photo, you'll need to scan it into a digital form. This can be done at most copy stores.

Optimizing the Image for Your eBay Auction

You don't want to put up a image that is too large. You should edit the image before you put it up on the Web to keep the download time fast. A good rule of thumb is to keep your images around 10-20KB or less. Some ways to do that:

  • crop the image down to just the item for sale
  • use the JPG format
  • with the JPG format, keep the compression high

Optimizing Images - an article that goes into more depth on making small images for the Web.

Putting Your eBay Image on the Web

Once you have the perfect image, you need to put it on the web. eBay doesn't offer web space for images, but there are many free hosting options available.

Uploading Your Pages - an article that explains how to upload files to a Web server. It's based on a Windows system, but the techniques are similar on the Mac.

Linking the Image on eBay

Once you've uploaded your image, you need to get the URL to use on eBay. Your URL will usually start with the server name, then your directory or location, then any sub-directories you may have, then the image file. E.g.

  • http://pages.about.com/ - the server name
  • ~jennkyrnin/ - my directory
  • green-item.jpg- the file name

Use that URL to link to the image on your eBay ad.

Adding Images to Web Pages - learn how to add images to a Web site.

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