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HTML Document Spacing Tags

Learn How to Use Paragraph, Linebreak, and Block Quotation Elements


Document spacing tags are the tags that keep your page together. They define the paragraphs, spaces, and quotations within your page.

There are three primary docuemnt spacing elements: P, BR, and BLOCKQUOTE.

<p> – the paragraph tag
This is the paragraph tag. The ending tag </p> is optional in HTML and required in XHTML. Use the paragraph tag anywhere you want a blank line after some text. One thing to remember is that you cannot use multiple paragraph tags in a row. Most browsers will simply ignore all but the first tag.

<br> – the line break tag
This is the line break tag. There is no ending tag. Use the BR element anywhere you want your text to start on the next line (without any space between). Most browsers will assign space for every BR element that you use, so if you want a large gap of white space, you can use several BR elements in a row. However it's better to use CSS to set the spacing.

<blockquote> – the long quotations tag
This is the quotations tag. The ending tag </blockquote> is required. Use this tag to indent quotations a few spaces (how many is up to the browser). If you nest this tag (use several of them in a row), the text will be further indented. Some browsers indent on both sides of the screen, and some only indent on the left.

Learn more about these and other tags in the HTML Tag Library.

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