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Laptop computer with high speed connection.(Digital composite)

Laptop computer with high speed connection.

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When you write web pages, you need to remember that your customers have to download them to read them. Because of this, you want to make sure that they load as quickly as possible. And even though connection speeds are getting faster for many home and work connections, people are also connecting on slower cell phone networks and downloading bigger things like videos. So the faster you can make your pages the better.

Some rules of thumb for keeping the download time short:

  • 50K — maximum size for your web page, including all images
    Thus, if you have two 20K images on your page, you should not have more than 10K of HTML and text. This can be very difficult if you have anything big, and most sites don't achieve it, but the more you strive to keep your pages this small the better.
  • 20K — maximum size for each image, sound file, or video
    This includes animated images and anything downloaded with the page. Again, this is very small and can be difficult, especially for videos.
  • Use multiple pages
    Instead of one long page. The more you separate your content the faster it will download. Include lots of links.
  • Use special effects sparingly
    Make sure that the site needs the effect you want. Whenever you add Java or JavaScript or other effects, that impacts the download time of your site.

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