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How To Build a Basic Web Page


It's really easy to build your first Web page. There are only a few HTML tags you need to learn.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Open a text editor to a blank page.
  2. Write the html tag
  3. Write the head of your document
  4. Write your title
    <title> Put your title here </title>
  5. Close the head of your document
  6. Open the body of your document
  7. Give your page a heading
    <h1> heading goes here </h1>
  8. Write your page contents
  9. Separate paragraphs with the p tag
  10. Close the body of your page
  11. Close the html
  12. Save the file as file.html
  13. Open the file.html file in your Web browser.


  1. Use any text editor to write your page.
  2. Write your HTML tags in lowercase - this conforms to the current standard.
  3. Review the page in your browser off your hard drive before uploading it to your server.

What You Need

  • HTML editor -or-
  • Text editor

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