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CuteFTP 4.2

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The Bottom Line

This is a nice FTP client for beginners, but the advanced features that a Web developer might need are only available in the more expensive Pro version.
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  • Remote file editing
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • FTP wizard helps you set up your sites


  • Many advanced features not available


  • The remote file editing is a real boon to developers who need to make quick changes and fixes.
  • It is easy to drag and drop files from the Windows interface directly onto the site.
  • The FTP wizard takes you through the steps of creating a new FTP location.
  • Very easy to use.

Guide Review - CuteFTP 4.2

CuteFTP is one of the easiest FTP clients available. It is perfect for the beginning Web developer who doesn't have need of features like secure transfer or site mirroring. It's interface is very straightforward and a beginner won't go wrong in choosing this software. But as you get more proficient in Web development, you may find that your needs outstrip the features of this software.
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