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Macromedia Homesite 5

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Macromedia Homesite 5

Macromedia Homesite 5


The Bottom Line

Quite simply, this is the best HTML editor currently available.
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  • Powerful text HTML editor with color coding
  • New features like image mapper, auto-save, etc.
  • HTML helpers allow even novices to learn HTML


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  • Configurable auto-save will now save documents regularly, allowing you to recover after an accident.
  • Support and validation for XHTML, HTML, SMIL, CFML, ASP, WML and more can be added manually.
  • Related files such as CSS and JavaScript are easily edited and modified right from your HTML files.
  • Stronger integration with both Fireworks and Dreamweaver gives you all you need for designing sites.
  • Double-byte support for writing sites in languages like Japanese and Korean.
  • Standard Homesite wizards, tag help, snippets, tag insight and so on.
  • Two files tabs to allow greater flexibility in editing files.

Guide Review - Macromedia Homesite 5

Macromedia has improved an already good product and made it even better. It has many of the features that made Homesite 3 and 4 a great product plus added features like auto-save and validation of XHTML, SMIL, WML, and more. If you're looking for an HTML editor that allows you the control and precision of a text editor, plus visual tools like tag editors, wizards, and more for beginners. Designers and developers can use Homesite 5 and if you already use Dreamweaver or Fireworks, the enhanced integration will make your work-flow more efficient. Homesite 5 is the editor that developers use. If you were worried that Macromedia might alter Homesite, be reassured, they took a great product, and made it better.
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