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Microsoft FrontPage 2002

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Microsoft FrontPage 2002

Microsoft FrontPage 2002


The Bottom Line

If you already know and love Microsoft FrontPage, you will love this upgrade, but beginners might want to think about another WYSIWYG editor.
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  • Familiar interface - like MS Word
  • Great team management features
  • Photo gallery, drawing tools, automatic content


  • Installs more than just FrontPage automatically
  • HTML written in the WYSIWYG editor can be poor
  • Only 50 uses without "activation"


  • The familiar interface allows anyone who has used Word to create a Web page in minutes.
  • The new Photo Gallery feature is a fun tool to create montage Web sites of your images easily.
  • Key features like e-commerce and SharePoint Team Services make it more useful to small businesses.

Guide Review - Microsoft FrontPage 2002

FrontPage 2002 offers a lot of great features for the intermediate Web Developer, especially for those already familiar with FrontPage. New features like the Photo Gallery and the e-commerce tools allow you to create more dynamic and interesting Web pages faster than ever. Beginners might be attracted to FrontPage 2002, and in fact, in many ways it is a powerful editor for beginners. But unless you are willing to use only the tools that Microsoft provides, it is not a good tool for beginners, especially if you want to learn standards and other development skills like JavaScript and XML.
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