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XML 101
Lesson 10
More XML Applications
 Class Resources
• Part 1: What is XHTML?
• Part 2: XHTML Modules
• Part 3: XForms
• Part 4: XPath
• Part 5: XLink
• Part 6: More XML Apps
• XML Class Index
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If you need more help with XML - post your question to the Web Design forum. Other students, class mentors, and I all review that board regularly to help you out with the class.

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There are many applications created with XML. Everything from wireless applications to phone tree support. You might be amazed by what can be done with XML.

DocBook is an XML specification for documentation.

P3P allows Web sites to provide computer readable privacy policies. This allows their customers to be better informed and understand exactly what their privacy is on the Web. These links include user agents and tools for creating a P3P policy.

Simple Object Access Protocol
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) - an XML-based protocol to allow you to activate an application or object within an application across the Internet.

Wireless Markup Language
Wireless Markup Language (WML) is an XML application for use on WAP cell phones and other WAP-enabled mobile devices. WML is optimized to create documents that display quickly and legibly on wireless devices.

Use XPointer to indicate very specific portions of your XML document. And without having "named" them first, like you must in HTML.

Push Technology - Build Your Own CDF Channel
CDF or channel definition format is an example of how XML is used right now. You can learn how to build your own active channel and write an XML application.

VoiceXML Use VXML to make your Web applications auditory.

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