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Articles from 1998
Web Design, HTML, and XML Articles from 1998

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By Jennifer Kyrnin

12/28/98 - The Year in Review 1998
There are many different articles that are still of use even after a year or more.

12/14/98 - Allaire HomeSite 4.0
The best HTML text editor on the Net. Many professional Webmasters use HomeSite to develop their pages, find out why.

11/30/98 - What to Buy Your Favorite Webmaster
The second annual HTML Holiday buying guide. Recommendations from under $50 to give that special Web Developer in your life.

11/23/98 - Building Online Communities
When you create an online community, you give people the sense of belonging. They'll want to return to your site.

11/16/98 - Creating a Great Web Page
With this checklist of items, you'll create a page that is well formed, and user friendly.

11/09/98 - Speeding Up Your Web Page
Tips to make your Web site download faster and keep your readers happy.

10/26/98 - One Year of HTML
A contest to celebrate my first year as the HTML Guide.

10/12/98 - Putting Together a Web Page - Part 4
Once you have the tools, you need to decide what to write about. Learn of some tools to help generate ideas and some Web cliches to avoid.

10/05/98 - Putting Together a Web Page - Part 3
Graphics are an integral part of any Web page, and if you don't have a good graphics program and optimizer, your pages won't be as nice.

09/28/98 - Putting Together a Web Page - Part 2
Once you have a hosting provider, you need to decide how you are going to write your HTML.

09/21/98 - Putting Together a Web Page Part 1
The first step in building a Web page is finding where you're going to put it. This is the first in a series of articles following the creation of a Web page.

09/14/98 - Browsing on the Bleeding Edge
It can be fun to use the most current effects on your Web site. Here are 4 questions to think about before adding new technology.

08/31/98 - Baking Up Some HTTP Cookies
How to write a cookie using JavaScript, as well as more information about cookies on the About network.

08/24/98 - HTTP Cookies
Find out why cookies aren't dangerous, and can help you make a more dynamic site.

08/17/98 - Boosting Your Hits
Great ways to get more hits for your site, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

08/10/98 - Questions and Answers
Some of the more recent questions I've received on HTML and creating Web pages.

07/27/98 - Review: Photoshop for the Web
If you create graphics for the Web with Photoshop, then you must read this book. It's one of the best on Photoshop I've ever seen.

07/20/98 - Creating Better Links
Links are the heart of a Web page, and if you create good ones people will stay at your site.

07/13/98 - Navigating Web Pages
How to build strong navigation that users can use.

07/06/98 - Is Your Site Cool?
Find out Why Jared Spool Says, "Cool Doesn't Cut It", in Web Usability.

06/25/98 - Web 98: Day Three of the Convention
It's Expo floor day for me at the convention.

06/24/98 - Web Design and Development: Day Two
Day two of Web '98, the Web Design and Development Conference.

06/22/98 - Web 98: Conference Notes
Monday, June 22nd through Wednesday, June 24th, I will be attending Web 98. Find out what's happening at the Conference "built for the Web".

06/15/98 - Writing Well for the Web
Writing for the Web is more than just slapping words up on a page with links to other pages. Some tips to write well.

06/08/98 - HTML in Action
Sometimes the simplest way to learn HTML is to emulate other people. Learn ways to improve your pages by looking at Web sites.

06/01/98 - Five Easy Steps to Starting Your Web Page
So you've decided to get into this "Web" thing. Here are 5 steps to get your first page up on the Web.

05/25/98 - Getting a Job as a Webmaster
Do you have what it takes? What are the steps I took to getting a job as a Webmaster? (updated 6/1/98)

05/18/98 - Old Aunty Eh-Leeas (anti-alias)
Images and fonts might have the "jaggies" on your page, if you aren't familiar with anti-aliasing.

05/11/98 - XSL: The Style of XML
Once you have XML, how do you get it displayed? XSL is the stylesheet language built to display XML.

05/04/98 - XML Explained
The newest markup language can be pretty intimidating!

04/27/98 - Review: Creating Cool HTML 4 Web Pages
How were you writing cool Web pages before this book?

04/20/98 - I Know HTML, Am I a Webmaster?
What does the title Webmaster really mean?

04/13/98 - A Day in the Life of a Webmaster
A fairly typical day in the work life of a professional Webmaster.

04/06/98 - What is a Webmaster?
Do you know what a professional Webmaster does all day?

03/30/98 - And the Winners Are...
Readers choice awards for February. Should your site win this award?

03/23/98 - If You Build It, Will They Come?
Six tips to market your Web page and encourage repeat visits.

03/09/98 - Easy Dynamic HTML
This is an example of an easy way to add dynamic HTML to your Web pages.

03/02/98 - Dynamic HTML
What is dHTML and how do you use it?

02/23/98 - HTML Pet Peeves
Some tips to improve your pages, by avoiding annoying habits.

02/16/98 - Introducing the Tip of the Day
There are so many sites on HTML, how can you see them all?

02/09/98 - Award and Survey Results
Who has the best pages, and what are they using to create them?

02/02/98 - Review: Instant Netscape Dynamic HTML
How to use dHTML to improve your Web pages.

01/26/98 - Creating Framed Web Pages Part 4
Targeting your frames and the IE in-line frame.

01/19/98 - Creating Framed Web Pages Part 3
Once you have a frameset, what do you do with the frames themselves?

01/12/98 - Creating Framed Web Pages Part 2
There are only three tags required to make a framed Web page. Do you know them?

01/05/98 - Creating Framed Web Pages Part 1
An introduction to using HTML frames on your Web pages.

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