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Current Web Design Articles

Web Design, HTML, and XML Articles from the About.com Guide to Web Design and HTML

By Jennifer Kyrnin

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Learn how to understand the web analytic report on visitor flow (sometimes called pathing). Analyze how readers are navigating through your site and find out what you can do with this information.

09/01/2013 The Pain of a Lapsed Domain
What happens if you forget to renew your domain name? Is there any recourse? Learn about why you should not let your domain name lapse if you want to keep it.

08/31/2013 scan length
Learn what the term scan length means in relation to web design. And learn how to affect the scan length of your web copy.

08/31/2013 Scan Length Examples
Examples of scan length for the same block of text. One the length is too short, the second too long, and the third about right.

08/15/2013 How to Insert Tags with Bluefish
Bluefish is a powerful text HTML editor for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh. And this tutorial by Jon Morin will teach you how to insert various tags into your web pages in Bluefish.

08/08/2013 Introduction To Bluefish
Learn more about the Bluefish text HTML editor. This article by Jon Morin will help you get familiar with this powerful editor.

08/05/2013 Use WAI-ARIA to Make Your Website Accessible to People with Disabilities
WAI-ARIA is a specification for writing accessible web pages and applications. This article explains what WAI-ARIA is and how you can get started using it.

07/22/2013 Data Points Book Review
A review of a very pretty book on visualizing data. This book covers the basics of how you can create and explore data in a visual format.

07/11/2013 HTML for Kids: Building a Basic Web Page
Here your kids will put all the skills they learned in the HTML for Kids articles together to create a complete web page. This article by Jon Morin helps children take their new HTML skills and put it all together into a web page.

06/17/2013 Breaking the Time Barrier Book Review
Learn a better way of pricing your freelancing projects in this short book from the makers of FreshBooks.

06/16/2013 Using Patterns in the HTML5 Canvas
Learn how to use images as patterns on the background of your CANVAS elements.

06/06/2013 Should You Add Slashes to the End of URLs
Including the trailing slash at the end of a URL is one way to help speed up links on your site, but this seemingly minor issue gets many people upset. Find out why you might or might not include the trailing slash at the end of your URLs.

06/03/2013 Everything You Should Know about Domain Name Leasing and Seller Financing
Domain leasing is a way to get access to high-quality premium domains without spending as much money. This article by Adam Paddock of GoForThe.com will help you learn more about domain leasing and how it works.

06/02/2013 Best Free Online Quiz Tools
Quizzes can help get your customers excited to use your site, but they can be difficult to create by hand. These free tools will help you create quizzes on your blog or website. And best of all, they are free.

05/27/2013 The Modern Web Book Review
This is a good book for intermediate web developers to learn the most modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript techniques. Read my book review.

05/13/2013 Is the Web Design Industry Dead?
ItÕs possible for any business owner to go out to a template website and buy a template for just a few dollars. So why should they want to hire you as a web designer? Find out what things web designers can offer customers that a template factory cannot.

05/06/2013 Online Quizzes - Pros and Cons
Quizzes are a great way to generate interactivity on your website, but they can cause problems too. Before you go out and set up a ton of quizzes on your website, you should know what this can mean for your site.

05/06/2013 What Does ÒNativeÓ Mean When Refering to Mobile Web Appliations
One of the first things you need to learn when learning to build web applications is what the difference is between a web application and a native application. This article explains the definition of native when referring to mobile web applications.

05/05/2013 HTML for Kids: Adding Tables
This is a tutorial to help kids learn HTML. This article teaches kids how to create tables to present information more effectively.

05/05/2013 HTML for Kids: Adding Lists
This is a tutorial to help kids learn HTML. This page discusses how to create ordered, unordered, and definition lists on web pages.

05/01/2013 HTML for Kids: All About Tags
This is a tutorial for kids to learn HTML. On this page youÕll learn all about HTML tags and HTML elements and how to make your content stand out on a web page.

04/21/2013 HTML For Kids: The Tools and Rules of HTML
After your kids understand the basics of HTML, they should get a tool to write it. This article by Jon Morin will help kids find some free tools to write HTML and get started actually writing it.

04/19/2013 HTML for Kids: The Basics
This is part of a series of articles designed to teach kids how to build web pages. The first place kids should start when learning to build web pages is with HTML. This article will help kids learn what HTML is and get them ready to use it.

04/15/2013 SeaMonkey Version 2.17 Review
SeaMonkey is more than just a web editor, it is also a web browser and an email client and an IRC chat client. Because it is all these things, it isnÕt the best web editor out there, but it does do the job if youÕre trying to do things quickly.

04/14/2013 How to Use Adobe Illustrator SVG in Your HTML
You can draw vector images in Adobe Illustrator and then embed them directly in your HTML without even uploading an image. This tutorial shows you how to add SVG code created in Illustrator to your HTML.

04/08/2013 Head First Web Design Book Review
This is a fun book that web designers who need more help with becoming a professional web designer and freelancer.

04/07/2013 Web Design Freelancers Need a Good Work Ethic
Many freelancers blame their lack of work on everything but themselves. This article examines some of the reasons freelancers might be sabotaging their work.

04/05/2013 How To Create A Hyperlink With KompoZer
Learn how to create four different types of links inside KompoZer. In this tutorial by Jon Morin you will learn how to create text links, anchors, in-page links, and image links using the WYSIWYG editor KompoZer.

03/26/2013 How to Add CSS Styles with KompoZer
KompoZer is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that helps you write both HTML and CSS web pages. This tutorial by Jon Morin will show you how to add CSS styles to your web pages.

03/18/2013 How to Add a Form with KompoZer
Kompozer makes it easy to add web forms to your web pages. This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the steps to create a web form.

03/17/2013 How to Add a Table with KompoZer
HTML tables are a useful way to display tabular data, and it's easy to create tables in KompoZer. Read this article by Jon Morin to learn how.

03/03/2013 Using the HTML5 Custom Data Attributes (data-*)
One of the more useful new features of HTML5 is the custom data attribute. This allows you to store data custom to your page and website right in the HTML. And then you can read and modify that data with JavaScript. This article shows you how to use the custom data attributes (data-* attributes).

03/01/2013 How to Markup Your Contact Information with VCard Microformats
Learn how easy it is to use microformats in your web pages by embedding a vCard into your contact page. This article will take you step-by-step through how to add vCard microformats to your contact page.

02/19/2013 Introduction to KompoZer
Learn how to build a new website in KompoZer. By Jon Morin

02/15/2013 Why Use Design Patterns
Once you start understanding how useful design patterns are it can be tempting to use them for everything. But as with all technology moderation is more effective than over-doing it. This article explains why to use design patterns and when to use them.

02/11/2013 File Sizes for Kindle Books
One of the more confusing aspects of building Kindle ebooks is the file sizes. You will find conflicting information all over the net about how big your cover images should be, how big your images should be, even the cover image has dozens of different sizes reported. In this article you'll learn what Amazon says about file sizes, recommendations for images, and cover image file sizes.

02/08/2013 The WordPress Anthology
This is a book about a lot of the under-the-covers aspects of WordPress. If you're interested in more than just posting your blog entries and want to really customize your WordPress website this is a good book to check out. Read my full review.

02/05/2013 How to Format Text with KompoZer
This tutorial teaches you how to format text in the free HTML editor: KompoZer, by the About.com contributor, Jon Morin.

02/01/2013 The PC is Not a Typewriter Book Review
This is a review of a book that has been out for over twenty years. But it is still as relevant now as it was in the 90s when it first came out.

02/01/2013 How Many Links is Too Many for One Page?
When you have a lot of web pages and articles it can be very tempting to add links to them when ever you write other documents. But too many links on any given page can make your pages look spammy and annoy your readers. And things that annoy readers often result in lower seo rankings as well. Learn how many links to include on a web page.

01/20/2013 Kindle Cover Images
Even if your book is 100% text with no images, there is one image you should always haveÑthe cover image. This image is used to market your book, and books that don't have cover image don't sell well, or really at all. Learn how to add a cover image and some of the important aspects of your cover image.

Textastic and Textastic Code Editor for iPhone are mobile text editors for iPad and iPhone that you can use to edit HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and other code.

01/09/2013 How to Include Images in Kindle Books
Once you have your images in your HTML file for your ebook, you can still end up with broken images inside your book if you don't upload them to the Kindle Direct Publishing system correctly. Learn how to make sure your images show up in your book.

01/07/2013 Sauce Review
Sauce is a tool to help you test your web and mobile applications on various systems including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, and Android. There is a free version, a desktop app for Mac users (and one in beta for Windows) as well as online browser access.

01/05/2013 Using Images in Kindle Books
Images are a nice way to dress up ebooks, but many ebook authors don't use them because they can be difficult to add or slow the download time of the books. In this article you'll learn some of the rules for creating great images for ebooks.

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