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The a Element - anchor - XHTML 1.0 HTML 4.0 - Web Design/HTML
The a tag or anchor tag is used to create links and anchors in HTML and XHTML. ... The following tags are valid within the tag: acronym, applet, b, basefont, ...
How to Link an Image in HTML - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Then close the anchor tag right after the end of the image tag: ... How To Remove the Underlines From Links · How to Use Anchor Tags for Internal Page ...
Adding Links to Web Pages - Web Design/HTML - About.com
They are easy to add (just two basic HTML tags) and they bring excitement to your plain text pages. Here you will learn about the A (anchor) tag.
How to Use Nofollow Tags and Why You Need Them - Google
How to Use Nofollow Tags and Why You Need Them. By Marziah ... Your anchor text here..
How to Add an Anchor Link with Dreamweaver - Web Design/HTML
Anchor links are a great way to create internal table of contents links on any Web page you have. And with Dreamweaver it's easy to set them up.
Adding Internal Links - Named Anchors - Page Bookmarks
The anchor tag allows you to link within your documents as well as to external pages these are often called bookmarks and are links using the anchor tag name  ...
How to Write Internal Links - Anchors - Links Within a Web Page
Use an anchor tag to name the area you want to bounce to: ... Creating Better Links · HTML 4.01 Tags / XHTML 1.0 Elements · CSS 1 and CSS 2 Properties.
anchor - bookmark - link - hyperlink - definition of the web term anchor
Definition of the term anchor as it relates to web design. ... How to Link an Image in HTML · How to Use Anchor Tags for Internal Page Reference (HTML) ...
Named Frames, the Target Attribute, and Iframes - Web Design/HTML
_selfThis is the default action for all anchor tags. Any linked document with this target will load into the same window as the link. The only time this target is not ...
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