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Adding Internal Links - Named Anchors - Page Bookmarks
The anchor tag allows you to link within your documents as well as to external pages these are often called bookmarks and are links using the anchor tag name  ...
The a Element - anchor - XHTML 1.0 HTML 4.0 - Web Design/HTML
The a tag or anchor tag is used to create links and anchors in HTML and XHTML.
How to Link an Image in HTML - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Don't put any spaces between the anchor tag and the image tag. If you do, some browsers will add little ticks beside the image, which look odd. If you leave off ...
Adding Links to Web Pages - Web Design/HTML - About.com
They are easy to add (just two basic HTML tags) and they bring excitement to your plain text pages. Here you will learn about the A (anchor) tag.
anchor - bookmark - link - hyperlink - definition of the web term anchor
Some designers use the term anchor to refer to any hyperlink on a web page. This definition stems from the fact that the HTML tag to create a link is the tag  ...
How to Add an Anchor Link with Dreamweaver - Web Design/HTML
Learn how to add an anchor or internal link with Dreamweaver. ... Add Links to the Anchors - Screen shot by J Kyrnin ... Adding Internal Links · The A Tag.
How to Write Internal Links - Anchors - Links Within a Web Page
Use an anchor tag to name the area you want to bounce to: bounce to here; Use another anchor tag to point to that area you named:
How to Remove the Underlines From Links - Web Design/HTML
Add the style tag: tag and the anchor: ">; Write the link text and close the link:
Named Frames, the Target Attribute, and Iframes - Web Design/HTML
How to create a framed Web site, naming your frames, using the target tag, and iframes. ... To accomplish this, you use the TARGET attribute in your anchor tag.
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