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Browser Specific Web Designs - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Sometimes there is a good reason to write Web pages for one specific browser. But most of the time it's just not a good idea.
Web Browsers - Designing for Browsers, Using Browsers, Statistics
A Web browser is the way your customer will usually view your Web page, but there are many browsers to choose from. ... Browser Specific Web Designs.
Testing Your Web Pages - Browser Testing - HTML Validation - Link ...
Testing Web pages is critical if you expect anyone to come view them. ... page is having with CSS, you need to learn to troubleshoot your designs and your CSS. ... There are some specific things you should be looking for when testing mobile.
Designing a CSS Web Site for Both Firefox and IE - Web Design/HTML
The trick is to start with a different browser than you're probably used to starting with ... Browser Specific Web Designs · Don't Order Your Readers Around.
Cross Browser DHTML - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Dynamic HTML that Works Regardless of Browser. By Jennifer Kyrnin ... For more details, read my article — Browser Specific Web Designs. This is the easiest ...
Do We Need Web Standards? - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Web standards are a way to help you learn how to create web pages that work ... It's Time to Give Up Your Table-Based Designs · Browser Specific Web Designs ...
Graceful Degradation - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Your goal shouls be to write Web pages that degrade gracefully - they still work even ... Why Care About Browser Specific Web Designs · Tags for One Browser.
How important is pixel-perfect design? - Web Design/HTML - About ...
I believe that while it's important to create designs that look good in at least the ... building great web pages · design principles · browser specific web designs.
Flash Websites Need Fallback Options for iOS Users - Web Design ...
Telling Customers to Get a New Tablet is Very Different From a New Browser ... and because of that many designers chose to write browser specific designs and  ...
Designing Web Pages with Internet Explorer - Web Design/HTML
And it's also not a good idea to use statistics to prove that you should be writing browser specific designs. Browser statistics can change quickly, and it's better to  ...
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