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Internet Explorer CSS Filters - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Internet Explorer versions 4–8 have a feature called CSS filters to help you apply multimedia-style visual effects to your web pages. These filters are deprecated ...
What Is CSS3 Opacity? Making Backgrounds Transparent
Opacity is a method of making elements transparent in CSS 3. ... Alpha filters in IE accept values from 0 (completely transparent) to 100 (completely opaque).
CSS Browser Extensions - CSS Internet Explorer Extensions
here are many CSS properties that only work if you use a browser extension. ... This page lists the Internet Explorer browser CSS extensions. ... F. -ms-filter ...
CSS-I - Wireless/Networking - About.com
Fade filters offer a simple form of translucency in images. While other applications of alpha channel filters exist in CSS, the following illustrates a basic  ...
Creating Cross-Browser Linear Gradients With CSS3
CSS3 linear gradients are supported in Android 2.3+, Chrome 1+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 11.1+, and Safari 4+. Internet Explorer can add gradients using a filter and  ...
CSS Transparency in Nearly All Browsers - Web Design/HTML
CSS can help you add transparency to your web pages with the opacity property. ... In IE 8 and 9, there is support for the browser extension -ms-filter and you ...
CSS3 Shadows: Box and Text Shadows - Web Design/HTML
This lack of support for text shadows in IE can be frustrating, but it is possible to add shadows with a CSS filter dropshadow . To use the filter, you add this line to  ...
Make Things Fade In and Out with CSS3 - Web Design/HTML
Learn how to use CSS3 properties to create fading effects on your images, buttons and ... If you need it to work in IE 6, 7, or 8, you can use the alpha filter ( filter: ...
How to Add Styles with Dreamweaver - Add CSS Styles in ...
The Dreamweaver extensions styles are the least used styles because they are either (in the case of filters) not supported by many browsers or are not widely ...
Images and Style Sheets - CSS-I - Wireless/Networking - About.com
CSS image filters are applied to an image after it is retrieved from the Web server. The browser internally performs the given image transformation before ...
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