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XHTML Frame Tags/Elements - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The elements that are used in XHTML Frames. ... The HTML/XHTML elements that create frames. <frame /> ... Return to XHTML Element (HTML Tags) Library ...
Attributes of the Frame Tag - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The specific attributes of the HTML tag frame and how to use them.
The iframe Tag - inline frames - XHTML 1.0 HTML 4.0 HTML5
The iframe element creates an inline frame in the XHTML document.
The FRAME Tag - Builds Windows with Web Pages Called Frames ...
The FRAME tag creates frames within a frameset. This is a description of the HTML FRAME tag.
Frame Tags - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Using HTML frame tags - frameset, frame, noframes.
FRAMESET Tag - Tag that Defines a Fraeset - HTML Frameset Tag
frames and noframes content The following tags are valid within the FRAMESET tag: ... The FRAMESET tag is valid within the following tags: frameset, html.
Writing HTML Frames: A Quick Overview - Web Design/HTML
Frames is one of the more complicated parts of HTML, but once you get the idea, ... should be done with non-frame compliant browsers with the NOFRAMES tag.
HTML Frames - Build Your First Frameset - Web Design/HTML
HTML frames are a way to make more intricate web pages. ... Framesets also don 't use the body tag, but you should still have a head with a title, so type in the ...
HTML Frames - Web Design/HTML - About.com
HTML Frames Frameset Tag: The FRAMESET tag is the tag that builds your frame. You use it instead of a BODY tag on your frameset pages. The attributes of  ...
How to Use the HTML BASE Tag in HTML Documents
The tag in HTML is a useful tag that isn't used very often, because it can seem somewhat confusing. It has two primary uses: for frames and for HTML.
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