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XHTML Frame Tags/Elements - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The elements that are used in XHTML Frames. ... The HTML/XHTML elements that create frames. <frame /> ... Return to XHTML Element (HTML Tags) Library.
The FRAME Tag - Builds Windows with Web Pages Called Frames ...
The FRAME tag creates frames within a frameset. This is a description of the HTML FRAME tag.
Attributes of the Frame Tag - Web Design/HTML - About.com
The specific attributes of the HTML tag frame and how to use them.
Frame Tags - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Using HTML frame tags - frameset, frame, noframes.
The iframe Tag - inline frames - XHTML 1.0 HTML 4.0 HTML5
The iframe element creates an inline frame in the XHTML document.
HTML Frames - Web Design/HTML - About.com
HTML Frames Frameset Tag: The FRAMESET tag is the tag that builds your frame. You use it instead of a BODY tag on your frameset pages. The attributes of  ...
Writing HTML Frames: A Quick Overview - Web Design/HTML
Frames is one of the more complicated parts of HTML, but once you get the idea, ... should be done with non-frame compliant browsers with the NOFRAMES tag.
HTML Frames - Build Your First Frameset - Web Design/HTML
HTML frames are a way to make more intricate web pages. ... Framesets also don 't use the body tag, but you should still have a head with a title, so type in the ...
Named Frames, the Target Attribute, and Iframes - Web Design/HTML
How to create a framed Web site, naming your frames, using the target tag, and iframes.
FRAMESET Tag - Tag that Defines a Fraeset - HTML Frameset Tag
Be careful of the attributes you use in your frameset. The above attributes that are not marked as HTML 4.0 are not part of the specification. If you use frames, you ...
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