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HTTP - HyperText Transport Protocol - Web Design/HTML - About.com
HTTP - HyperText Transport Protocol. HTTP is the hidden underbelly of the Web. A professional Web developer should have at least a rudimentary ...
What are Markup Languages? - Web Design - Web Design/HTML
HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the language of the web. All web pages are written in HTML. HTML defines the way that images, multimedia, and text ...
HTTPS for Securing Web Pages (Guide) - Web Design/HTML
If you're going to run an online store or ecommerce Web site, you should be aware of HTTPS - or HyperText Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer.
HTTP - Definition of HyperText Transfer Protocol - Wireless/Networking
The Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP - provides a standard for Web browsers and servers to communicate. The definition of HTTP is a technical specification ...
SHTTP (Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol) - What is SHTTP ...
Definition: SHTTP (Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol): An extension of the World Wide Web's HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) that supports secure ...
Hypertext - What is Hypertext? - About Web Search
In fact, the paragraph you just read is a good example of hypertext. It is a block of text with a hyperlink to additional sources of information about the subject.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - Linux - About.com
Definition: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): A set of conventions for marking the portions of a document so that, when accessed by a program called a ...
Httpd (Hypertext Transer Protocol Deamon) - What is Httpd ...
Definition: Httpd (Hypertext Transer Protocol Deamon): A web server originally developed at the Swiss Center for Particle Research (CERN) and originally called ...
The History of HTML Invented by Tim Berners-Lee - Inventors
After Vannevar Bush first proposed the basics of hypertext in 1945, it laid the foundation for Tim Berners-Lee and others to invent the World Wide Web, HTML  ...
JP NET Kimono Hypertext: History - MIT
Oct 12, 1999 ... Kimono Hypertext: History. From the primitive Jomon period through the Yamato, Asuka, Nara, Heian, Muromachi, and Edo periods, factors ...
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