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What Is Text - Understand How Computers View Text
Learn the difference between standard documents on the web and actual ASCII text used in HTML and XML.
Alt Text - Not Alt Tag - Alternative Text For Images and Multimedia
The term alt tag is actually an incorrect term that refers to the alt text or alt attribute on images, applets, and input elements to define what is in those elements.
Advanced CSS - Text Properties - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Text Properties. word-spacing - defines the amount of space between the words. word-spacing : normal; make the word spacing the normal for this font.
Text - Definition and Examples of Texts - Grammar and Composition
"Text. A stretch of language, either in speech or in writing, that is semantically and pragmatically coherent in its real-world context. A text can range from just one ...
How to Wrap Text Around an Image in MS Word - Word Processing
If you have inserted an image or a piece of clip art into your document, you may still need to tell Word how to wrap the text around the image.
Definition of SMS or "Text" Messaging - Smartphones - About.com
The acronym SMS stands for short message service. SMS messaging allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another. SMS is also often  ...
100 of Our Favorite Text Codes for Mobile Coupons
We've compiled several of the most popular text club codes that we've previously profiled, and added quite a few as well, to make a comprehensive list of 100 ...
45 Text Codes to Lower Your Shopping Bill - Mobile Coupons & Deals
Sign up with your favorite retailers to receive money-saving coupons via text, straight to your mobile phone.
Top 6 Text Messaging Tips That Avoid Data Plans - Smartphones
This list of text messaging tips helps you maximize what text messaging can do for you without having to pay extra for Web data usage.
OSB. Rule of Benedict. Text, English. Table of Contents
Today, women monastics outnumber men by more than two to one. Thus, the even-numbered chapters below have been adapted for a women's community.
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