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What Is CSS3 Opacity? Making Backgrounds Transparent
One of the things that you can easily do in print design but not on the Web is overlay text on an image or colored background, and change the transparency of  ...
CSS Transparency in Nearly All Browsers - Web Design/HTML
CSS can help you add transparency to your web pages with the opacity property. The trick is getting it to work. Learn the browser extensions you need.
Using Transparent Images on the Web and in Print
Tips for preserving transparency when you have a partially transparent image and you need to use it somewhere else.
Transparency & Removing Backgrounds - Graphics Software
An overview of the various approaches you can take for removing a backgound from an image and maintaining transparency when moving images between ...
Three Free Filters for Eliminating Backgrounds and Creating ...
Pure black pixels are made 100% transparent and dark-colored areas in the layer become partially transparent based on the level of blackness. (Windows Only).
Removing the Background - Photo-Paint's Transparent Color ...
Step by step instructions for removing a background using Photo-Paint. The transparent color selection tool is used to erase the sky and leave the jets and vapor ...
Powerpoint FAQ: Transparent Background Image
How do you make the image background transparent on a PowerPoint slide?
How to Save a Transparent PNG File from Paint Shop Pro
Answer: If you are doing an image from scratch, keep your background transparent. If there is more than one layer, merge them as All Visible and not Flatten, this ...
Make PowerPoint Object Transparent - Presentation Software
With Fill selected in the left pane and Solid Fill selected in the right pane, drag the Transparency slider to the right until it reads 100% in the text box.
PowerPoint 2007 Backgrounds - Transparent Picture Backgrounds ...
Once you have chosen the picture as a background, you can easily make it transparent by typing in a specific transparency percentage or by using the ...
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