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About Web Design Book - Chapter 9

  1. Link 9-7: Log Analysis Tool
  2. Link 9-17: Web Design Basic
  3. Link 9-18: Beginning CSS

Example 9-1: Header and Tagline
Start out the design with a header and tagline.

Example 9-2: Adding Navigation and Content
Get some navigation onto the page to make it look more complete.

Example 9-3: A design with content on the front page
Content-focused sites do well with content on their home page.

Example 9-4: A Different 3-column Design
Moving forward with a different design.

Example 9-5: Dressing Up the Second Design
Adding content and images to the second design idea.

Link 9-2: Web Design Design Gallery
Get ideas for designs from other Web sites.

Link 9-3: Every Page is an Entry Page
People don't come to your site through the home page.

Link 9-4: Home Page Gallery
See how different companies handle their home pages.

Link 9-5: McAfee
The McAfee home page.

Link 9-6: Cool Doesn't Cut It
Just creating a cool site isn't enough. It needs to be usable.

Link 9-8: Web Analytics Basics
Learn what you need to know to track the page views on your Web site and do Web analytics.

Link 9-9: Home Page Real Estate Allocation
Don't waste the space on your home page.

Link 9-10: Web Pages That Suck
Learn the basics of good design by looking at pages that suck.

Link 9-11: Tips for Speeding Up Your Web Page
Several articles and information for speeding up your Web pages.

Link 9-12: Sink the Splash Pages
Websiteoptimization.com recommends that you avoid the splash page as your home page.

Link 9-13: Splash Pages - Pros and Cons
Learn the pros and cons of splash pages, so that you can decide whether you want to use them or not.

Link 9-14: Faux Columns
Fake out equal length columns on your Web site with faux columns.

Link 9-15: 3-Column Header and Footer Layout
A free HTML layout using CSS to generate a 3-column page with a header and footer.

Link 9-19: Write a Web Page That Meets Your Customers’ Goals
You need your site to meet your goals, but you can't forget the customer. If you don't meet their goals, they will leave and not come back.

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