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Before You Start Building a Website


It can be tempting to jump right into web design and learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all that, after all, that is the fun part. But if you haven’t considered where you’re going to put your web pages or what legal and privacy issues you might encounter, you’ll run into problems eventually. But it’s easy to get a web hosting provider and set up a domain. And once you have these, the fun part is all you have left.

Set Up Web Hosting

When you build a web page, unless you’re only going to display it on your personal computer, you need a place to display it on the Internet. This place is controlled by a web hosting company. There are many different options for web hosting, from free (typically ad-supported) hosting to hosting services where you own and maintain the machines and network connection yourself, and everything in between.

The first thing you should do when building a website is to find a web hosting provider. Use the links below to determine the best hosting solution for you and your business.

Get a Domain Name

While a domain name isn’t absolutely critical for every website, getting a domain will make your site easier to find and access. Many people have domain names for their sites, even if they don’t expect the site to make money. It is so cheap to register a domain, that it is almost silly to not register one if you have a website.

Learn Basic Legal Issues Surrounding Web Pages

Like everything else in life, there are legal issues you should be aware of when putting up web pages. Copyright is the big one – don’t copy other people’s work without permission. But there are also issues of linking and protecting children online. If you take the time to learn the basic laws surrounding web pages before you put one up, you won’t be surprised later on.

Protect the Privacy of Your Customers and They'll Stay Your Customers

Privacy is becoming more of a legal issue on the web as more and more countries enact laws like COPPA to protect privacy rights. It is such a serious concern to most people that if you don’t show care about their privacy concerns they will leave your site immediately. Be sure you’re aware of how privacy is perceived on the web and what you can do to protect it while still collecting the data you need to run your business.

Get Ready to Start Building Your Website

Remember that planning is the best tool you have in your arsenal. The more you plan your site out before you start building, the better prepared you will be for the inevitable problems.

Now go out and design a great site!

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