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How to Build a Web Page


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Before You Start

Building a Web page isn't one of the hardest things you'll ever try to do in your life, but it isn't necessarily easy either. Before you start this tutorial, you should be prepared to spend some time working on it. The links and articles referenced are posted to help you, so it is a good idea to follow them and read them.

There may be sections that you already know how to do. Perhaps you already know some HTML or you already have a hosting provider. If so, you can skip those sections and move to the portions of the article that you need help with. The steps are:

  1. Get a Web Editor
  2. Learn Some Basic HTML
  3. Write the Web Page and Save It to Your Hard Drive
  4. Get a Place to Put Your Page
  5. Upload Your Page to Your Host
  6. Test Your Page
  7. Promote Your Web Page
  8. Start Building More Pages

If You Still Think It's Too Hard

That's okay. As I mentioned, building a Web page isn't easy. These two articles should help:

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