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8 Cheap and Easy Ways to Learn CSS


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1. Take an Online Class:

An online CSS class is an easy way to start learning Cascading Style Sheets. I offer both an 11-week long course that covers CSS extensively, and a 5-day short course to give you an overview of CSS to help you get started.

2. Read an Online Tutorial:

Sometimes online classes can take too long or be too structured. An online tutorial can teach you enough CSS to get started so that you can quickly move on to more challenging tasks, like actually styling your Web pages.

3. Study the CSS Style Properties:

I learned CSS by reading as much as I could about the properties that I found on other people's Web pages. I studied style property libraries like I had a test the next day, and I learned CSS.

4. Read all the beginning CSS articles you can find:

Even if you don't know CSS yet, you can learn something by reading CSS articles. Then if you have questions, you can go back to the properties libraries and look up your answers.

5. Read FAQs on CSS:

Chances are, if you have a question about CSS, someone else has already asked it. Frequently Asked Questions are exactly that - frequently asked. But if you don't find your question in the CSS FAQ, you can always ask your question of other Web developers or the Web Design / HTML Guide.

6. Sign up for a newsletter:

Getting a free newsletter is an easy way to start learning CSS and Web design. The Web Design / HTML newsletter comes once or twice a week and is filled with hints and tips for learning CSS, writing HTML, and creating great Web sites.

7. Subscribe to the Web Design / HTML feed:

If you don't want to get an email message, you can get all the CSS you need to learn via an RSS feed. You can use My Yahoo or any other feed reader to subscribe, and you'll get the content as soon as it's posted.

8. Read a Book:

Books can be expensive, and Web design books can be very expensive, but they are a great resource for learning CSS and Web development. My favorite book for learning CSS is Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide by Eric A. Meyer.

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