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Web browsers are very important to the web developer. If you don't know what your web page looks like in the most popular browsers, you could be sunk. The following links are to the most recent version of the more popular web browsers available right now.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer 8 is the latest update to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer continues to be the most widely used web browser because it comes pre-installed on most Windows devices. Designers don't like it because it isn't as reliable at following web standards and has little or no support for HTML5 and CSS 3.

IE is available for Windows.

Firefox (and other Mozilla / Gecko Browsers):

Firefox 3.6.8 is the most current version of this browser. Firefox is a popular browser for web designers because it is fairly standards compliant and even supports parts of HTML5 and CSS 3.

Firefox is available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.


Safari 5 is Apple's web browser. Many designers use this browser because it is the default on Macintosh computers. It also has excellent support for HTML5 and CSS 3. Safari is also the default web browser on the iPhone and iPad.

Safari is available for Macintosh and Windows.


Chrome 5 is a more recent browser on the scene. It is popular with designers because it has a lot of innovation as well as good support for HTML5 and CSS 3.

Chrome is available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.


Opera 10.6 is a very popular alternative browser. It is found on many wireless devices and cell phones. It is especially popular with designers because of it's strong support for HTML5 and CSS 3.

Opera is available for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows.


Konqueror is the Web browser component of KDE 4.4. It is included in most Linux distributions and is a popular browser for Linux users.

Konqueror is available for many Linux distros.

Other Browsers:

Usage Statistics, Quirks, Hints, and Tools for Web Developers:

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