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Designing With Color

Color on the Web is an excelent way to improve your Web designs. Learn to use color in your Web designs effectively with the color wheel, HTML color codes, and color charts.
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HTML Colors
HTML colors are displayed as a combination of red, green, and blue light. Once you understand that, you can start mixing HTML colors yourself.

Color Families
While there are many scientific ways to divide colors into groups, one simple way is to evaluate how warm or cool a color is. These color families can give you nice color palettes without having to worry about the theory behind the color scheme. This article will teach you about color families

Do You Worry About Color Symbolism on Your Web Pages?
When you're designing a Web page, color is often a big part of the page design. But how much time do you spend thinking about the psychological and cultural meanings of the colors you're using? Is the symbolism of color important to your Web designs?

How to Change the Font Color with CSS
It's easy to change the font color with one simple CSS style property.

Color and CSS
There are several different ways to specify color values in CSS, the best known are with color names and color numerical values. But there are two other ways you can define colors in CSS 3 and once you understand how you can define your colors you'll have more options available in your color palette.

Web Color Synchronization
Is it possible to ensure that your Web page colors will look the same browser to browser, platform to platform, and monitor to monitor? Web color synchronization can be challenging.

Is the Browser Safe Color Palette Really Required?
The browser safe color palette was developed in the 90s to account for differences in displays when the Web was new. But is it still required now that most people view the Web in millions of colors?

Web Color Shorthand
Web safe colors follow a specific pattern, and so it's easy to write them with a form of shorthand for CSS.

Colorizing the Web
Learn the basic steps to add color to your tables, fonts, and Web page. HTML color codes explained in a more basic fashion.

Finding Color Triads
A three color layout is very common in Web design, but how can you find three colors that work well together? But, once you've found your base color it's easy to create a color triad that is harmonious using just the hexadecimal codes.

Color Symbolism
Color symbolizes many things to different cultures, but it is easy to forget this when designing a Web site. If you use color on your site, then you should be aware of the different meanings different cultures attach to color.

Changing Text Color Dynamically
Use DHTML to change the font color of your text dynamically in both browsers.

Designing with HTML Color Codes
Learn how to write HTML color codes and convert to hexadecimal from RGB.

Using Browser-Safe HTML Color Codes
Having a chart of colors is fine, buy why should you use browser-safe colors? Learn what happens when you use non-browser-safe HTML color codes so you can make an educated choice.

Designing Without Color - Journal : Mark Boulton
The best way to understand how color impacts a design is to remove it. If you then selectively put it back into the design, you'll end up with a site that uses color to make a point.

INPUT Color Tag
The INPUT Color tag is used to display color pickers and collect color information in HTML forms. It is an HTML 5 tag.

What is RGBa?
RGBa is a way of naming colors in CSS that includes how opaque or transparent they should be. Learn how to use RGBa to color both backgrounds and text.

HSL Colors
CSS3 brings in a new color model called HSL or hue-saturation-lightness. This model is often easier for artists to understand because it relies on the qualities of the colors themselves to determine their codes rather than arbitrary numbers developed for computers.

Color Tips for the Web
Choosing web colors, using the "web safe" palette, and using color shorthand shouldn't be difficult. These tips show you how web designers can use color more efficiently.

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