1. Technology

Color Charts

Web safe color charts and colors that just look good together. These color charts will make it easy to design with color on your Web pages.

Visual Color Symbolism Chart by Culture - Cultural Color Symbolism Chart
Using color can be problematic if you don't design with the culture of your audience in mind. Colors have different meanings to different cultures. This chart should help make sense of the color symbolisms of various cultures. This visual chart shows different colors and how different cultures respond to them.

CSS System Color Keywords
CSS allows you to integrate your CSS styled documents into your users' environment using system color keywords.

Browser Safe HTML Color Codes Chart
Here is an easy to use browser safe color chart that includes the HTML color codes for browser-safe colors.

CSS Color Keywords
These are the keywords that are specified in CSS 2.

Netscape Named Colors Chart
Here are all the Netscape Named colors and their hex codes, in a convenient color chart. These are not technically HTML color codes.

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