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Color Palettes

Colors for Use in Web Designs


Colors are a very important part of Web design, but sometimes it can be very difficult to decide what color palette to use. These color palettes are suggestions from various people for colors that have been used on websites or could be used on them.

Submit Your Favorite Color Palettes

If you have a color palette that you love for websites, you can submit it. Use this form to submit your color palettes.

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Facebook PaletteFacebook PaletteMySpace PaletteMySpace Color PaletteYouTube Color PaletteYouTube Color PaletteFlickr Color PaletteFlickr Color Palette
Craigslist Color PaletteCraigslist Color PaletteCafe au Lait color paletteCafe au LaitAbout.com ColorsAbout.com PaletteAdobe Color PaletteAdobe Color Palette
Apple Color PaletteApple Color PaletteMicrosoft Web PaletteMicrosoft Web PaletteSymantec Web PaletteSymantec Web PaletteFoxy Four

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