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Many companies build their own content management tools to meet their specific needs, but in the last year or so, several companies have come out with some good content management software. These tools may not do all that I mentioned on the previous page, but many do other things I left out.

Interwoven TeamSite
TeamSite is a very powerful, but also very expensive enterprise content management system.

Typo3, by contrast, is a powerful enterprise-level free Open Source content management system.

Vignette Content Management
Vignette is another popular enterprise content management system.

DynaBase allows you to deliver your Web site using XML for more flexibility.

A server side content management solution that will write the HTML, plus it will interact with automatic data delivery such as news feeds. EGrail is open source.

RedDot Web Content Management System
A content management system that allows you to edit documents directly on the Web - no HTML required. Access control and more.

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