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Does Your Web Site Have a Content Management Problem?

Part 1: A Content Management Case Study


Many corporate Web sites might not realize they have a content management problem, but the following example might have some similarities with your corporate website. If it does, you should consider getting a content management solution.

XYZ Widgets

XYZ Widgets is a $500 million dollar company that is trying to move into the $1 billion dollar range. It currently sells twenty different types of widgets for markets ranging from retail users, small businesses, through large corporations. But when a customer comes to the Web site, it takes them at least four clicks to get to a product information page about a specific product, and another two clicks to get to a purchase page to buy that product.

The Web pages are all managed by different groups, and while they handle the work without a problem, some things slip through the cracks. When a product page changes, the old page is often linked to for months until a customer lets the Webmaster know. And while they have been through three redesigns of their content in the last three years, there are still pages that are in the design from three years ago. This is disheartening to the employees - both the Web developers, and the content managers. In fact, several groups are considering moving to outsourced Web sites, even though this will cost thousands of dollars per month, so that they can get a better handle on their Web pages.

XYZ Widgets is looking for a tool or system that will help them manage their content. They need something that will allow them to decide when a page should go up and come down and for marketing promotions and events. They want a system that will insure that all the pages are standardized and make it easy to fix things such as copyright dates, contact information, and so on. They also want to make sure that their site is accessible to their customers for information and purchasing options.

Is a content management system right for XYZ Widgets?

On the next page, we'll discuss some of the symptoms that XYZ Widgets is experiencing and how a content management solution could help.

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