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A domain name is the URL of your Web site. If you don't get a domain name, your Web site will have a generic URL based on either your IP-address or on the domain name of your hosting provider. This is boring, to say the least. These articles will help you buy a domain name, set it up on your IP, and manage your domain long term.
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What TLDs Have You Used and Why?
Share some of your reasons for using specific top-level domains like .com or .tv and why you chose to use them or not. Are there TLDs that you would never use? Why or why not?

What is a Top-Level Domain Name?
Top-level domains are the most generic portion of a URL. They can describe what type of site the website is or just what country it is from.

Country Code TLDs
Where to find a complete list of country code TLDs (ccTLD).

How to Choose a Good Domain Name
Choosing a domain name can be a big step for your business. If you choose a really bad one you can actually harm your business. While that's not likely, choosing a good domain name can be a great way to improve your brand and gain more customers. So learn how to choose a good domain name and avoid choosing a bad one.

How to Value a Domain Name
Domain names are more than just the URL of your website. Domains can have value and are an asset for companies. But just like any other asset, there are things that make a domain more or less valuable. Learn how to improve your domain names so that you can sell your site for more money.

Is .COM Really Better than .NET or .US?
Once you've chosen a domain name, you need to decide what top-level domain to use. Should it be a .com, .org, .net, .us or what? What are the advantages to .com versus .biz and so on. Which top-level domains (TLD) will help your company and which won't.

Useful URLs
How to get a Web page address (URL) that isn't too long, and is memorable

Poll: Do you use your URL as your page name?
Many people like to use their full domain name as their page title. What do you think of this practice? Does it help with SEO? Or do you just like the look of it?

Poll: How many domains have you registered?
There are people who have registered 1000s of domain names! Personally, I haven't registered that many. How many have you registered?

What is an IP Address?
IP addresses are the backbone of the internet network. They allow systems to identify and locate one another in a distributed environment. IP addresses are the mailing addresses of the Internet.

Should Your Domain Name Reflect Your Business?
Choosing a good domain name is important, but should you use keywords or a made up word? Find out what About.com readers think about domain names, and share your thoughts.

Everything You Should Know about Domain Name Leasing and Seller Financing
Domain leasing is a way to get access to high-quality premium domains without spending as much money. This article by Adam Paddock of GoForThe.com will help you learn more about domain leasing and how it works.

To Slash or Not To Slash
Including the trailing slash at the end of a URL is one way to help speed up links on your site, but this seemingly minor issue gets many people upset. Find out why you might or might not include the trailing slash at the end of your URLs.

Don’t Let Your Domain Name Lapse, You Will Regret It
What happens if you forget to renew your domain name? Is there any recourse? Learn about why you should not let your domain name lapse if you want to keep it.

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