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How to Get a Free Domain Name

Tips to Find Free Domain Names


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For Free Domain Names Check Your Hosting Provider

The first place you should look for free domain name registration is your Web hosting provider. Many hosting providers will pay for your domain registration if you purchase a hosting package with them. Some hosts that offer this service include:

Sub-Domains Can Give You the Domain Name You Need for Free

A sub-domain is a domain that is tacked on to the beginning of another domain. Instead of owning yourdomain.com you would have yourdomain.hostingcompany.com. If your business can be run out of a blog, then that opens your domain name options even further, as there are many online blog services where you can customize the sub-domain. Also, many free Web hosting companies will give you a free sub-domain.

Some good blog sites you can use include:

And some free hosting sites that will set up free sub-domains are:

And don't forget to check your ISP - as they may offer sub-domain hosting along with your Internet access.

Referral Services Let You Earn a Free Domain Name

Some companies offer you a commission on domain names you sell, while others will pay for your domain name registration after you refer so many people. Either way, if you know people who want to buy domain names, you can cover the cost of your domain and maybe even make some extra money with these referral and affiliate programs.

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