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File Types and Editors

File Types and Editors

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Dreamweaver allows you to set preferences for what editor to use for various file types, including external editors.

  • Open in code view
    Files that have the extensions listed in this box will open automatically in code view without a design view option. Add new extensions separated by a space and preceded by a period.
  • External code editor
    If you have another editor you would rather edit code files in, you can browse to it here, and Dreamweaver will open that program when you open the code file types.
  • Reload modified files
    When a file that is open in Dreamweaver is modified in another program, Dreamweaver can prompt you to reload the file. This is especially useful if you have any automated editing processes.
  • Save on launch
    If Dreamweaver is going to open an external editor, it can save the document automatically, ask you what to do, or open the file without saving.
  • Fireworks
    If you have Studio installed, the path to Fireworks will be loaded. Otherwise, if you load Fireworks later, you can connect it to Dreamweaver with this browse option.
  • Extensions and Editors
    For files other than code, you can specify other editors to open automatically when you attempt to edit the file in Dreamweaver. You can add or subtract file extensions and editors using the plus and minus buttons. If there is more than one editor option, you can make one of the editors the primary editor for that file type.

Once you've updated the file types and editors, click "OK" to save your preferences.

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