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First Look—Dreamweaver CS6


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Even More Features Added to Dreamweaver CS6
PhoneGap and Adobe Business Catalyst

PhoneGap and Adobe Business Catalyst

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PhoneGap Integration Updated

In 2011, Adobe bought PhoneGap, and since that merger they have integrated the PhoneGap features more tightly into Dreamweaver CS6. Now it is even easier to create a mobile application in Dreamweaver and then export it as a native app for Android or iOS right from within Dreamweaver CS6.

Business Catalyst

If you need hosting or a CMS solution, you can connect your Dreamweaver sites with Adobe Business Catalyst (separate costs involved). Business Catalyst can help you add shopping carts and other ecommerce features to your websites as well as reporting on how your sites are doing. And you can access your Business Catalyst account directly from within Dreamweaver CS6.

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