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Part 4: Headings

Where to Start When Editing a New Page in Dreamweaver




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Headings make your Web pages easier to read and search engines parse them better. But if you don't style the headings, the font size and family will generally be really ugly. Dreamweaver does use the same page font for all your headings unless otherwise directed, but you can change the font family to be different from your page font. All your headings will have the same family as each other. If you want to change that you'll need to edit the style sheet manually.

  • Heading font
    Just like on the Appearance tab, this changes the font family. You can also set the headings to be default bold or italic with the B and I icons.
  • Heading 1
    This is the first heading on the page, the H1. I recommend making your heading 1 1.5 to 2 times as large as your default font size, ie. 1.5 ems. You can also change the color.
  • Heading 2-6
    These are the rest of your heading tags. For most Web pages, it's approprate to have them get gradually smaller from the H1 down to the H6. It's a good idea to set the styles on all the headings right away, so that you're not going in later and re-editing them.

Click Apply and then change to the Title/Encoding pane.

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