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How to Set up Dreamweaver to Transfer Files

Use Dreamweaver to Set up FTP


Dreamweaver comes with built-in FTP functionality, which is nice because you don't need to have a separate FTP client to upload your document files to your Web server.

Dreamweaver assumes that you will have a duplicate of your Web site structure on your hard drive. So in order to set up a file transfer setting, you need to set up a site in Dreamweaver. Once you've done that you'll be ready to connect your site to a Web server using FTP.

Dreamweaver also offers other methods to connect to Web servers, including WebDAV and local directories, but this tutorial will take you through FTP in-depth.

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Open the Site ManagerOpen the Dreamweaver Site ManagerChoose the SiteChoose the Site to Transfer FilesAdvanced Site DefinitionAdvanced Site DefinitionRemote InfoRemote Info
Change the Access to FTPChange the Access to FTPFill in FTP InfoFill in FTP InfoTest Your SettingsTest Your SettingsFTP Errors are CommonFTP Errors are Common
Successful ConnectionSuccessful ConnectionServer CompatibilityServer CompatibilityLocal / Network ConnectionLocal / Network ConnectionWebDAVWebDAV
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