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Macromedia Studio MX

Macromedia Studio MX

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Date: April 29, 2002

Web sites are getting more and more complex every day. And Web Developers need tools that can support them to create and maintain these sites. Macromedia anticipated this need and will be releasing a product line called Macromedia MX. Macromedia MX includes the tools, the browser extensions, and the server technologies to create Internet applications that meet the increasing needs of today's Web sites.

The Tools

Macromedia Studio MX
Studio MX is the suite tool encompassing four products from Macromedia:

  • Dreamweaver MX
    Dreamweaver MX is an exciting new release of the Dreamweaver product line. It's got all the features DW fanatics have come to know and love, plus a lot of features for more traditional text editors.
  • Flash MX
    Flash MX was released last month. This is a powerful tool to help you create rich content for the Web.
  • Fireworks MX
    Fireworks MX provides the Web Developer an easy way to create and optimize dynamic, interactive graphics for Web sites.
  • Freehand 10
    This is a full-powered graphics editor, included in the suite.

Studio MX will be released some time in May for an introductory price of $799. That's less than the cost of Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX combined, and you also get Fireworks MX and Freehand 10 free. Watch for a full product review soon.

Browser Extensions

Macromedia Flash MX offers many new features to add animation and interactivity to Web pages. And Flash 6 puts those extensions right into the Web browsers. Macromedia MX tools are created to take advantage of the most advanced browser techniques and features.

Server Technologies

If Studio MX and Flash MX weren't enough, Macromedia is also announcing the release of ColdFusion MX. ColdFusion MX offers database connectivity, dynamic page creation, scripting, and much more. ColdFusion MX can run as a stand-alone Web server, or as an add-on to an existing Web server. If you're already using ColdFusion, then you may wonder why you should upgrade, but there are some great reasons:

  • XML and .Net integration
  • Implemented on the Java platform so you can use Java quickly
  • Integrated with Studio MX allows for faster development time

These products are an exciting new look at the Macromedia product line. Macromedia seems to have created an integrated suite that meets all the needs of a dynamic Web site Developer or Development Team. I look forward to seeing both Studio MX and ColdFusion MX and I hope that the reality is as impressive as these first looks appear.

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