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What is eLML

eLesson Markup Language (eLML)


eLML is a concept you might come across as you are studying XML languages. eLesson Markup Language provides an XML framework to develop online classes. The project was born out of the desire to make education an Internet feature. eLML is open source. This means the primary blueprint for the project is available to anyone. Ultimately, the goal of eLML is to provide conformity to the elearning process. It all started out with a project known as GITTA.

History of eLML

Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance (GITTA) is a group of educators that wanted to make a platform to teach advanced computer and information technology. Initially, the consortium consisted of Swiss universities, but it has expanded over the years. eLML emerged as part of the GITTA project because the creators were unhappy with the current platforms for e-learning. As opposed to trying to get their concepts to fit into a square peg, GITTA began designing their own system and eLML was the finished framework.

Features of eLML

The primary goal for eLML is conformity. It is built to orchestrate the flow of the lesson and contains five distinct sections. The entry section is informational and explains the topic of the lecture. Clarify covers the content and concepts for the class. Look works through samples and hands-on material vital to the topic. Act is the implementation system that allows a student to engage in online activities. Summary raps up the lesson by going over the key points.

eLML Structure

eLML uses XML element tags to create the framework for each lesson. The tags are static and do not change within the model. Each class construction begins with the root element 'lesson.' There are a series of mandatory elements that must be part of the plan such as 'goals' and 'bibliography.' You also have the option to take advantage of other features like integrating Flash demonstrations and videos.

Further Information

If eLML sounds like something you need to know, you can get more information on the eLML website.

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