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One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways your company can use HTML and XML is by implementing elearning within the corporation. But what is elearning? There is more to creating an elearning curriculum than just putting up data on a website.

What is Elearning?

In short, elearning is any training received through a computer. This includes things such as CD-ROM course materials, web-based courses, and computer training. There are many benefits to elearning:

  • Web-based classes can be attended by anyone with an internet connection
  • They are often less expensive to run than classroom learning environments
  • The classes can be accessed multiple times for review and practice
  • Test scores and results can be instantly tabulated and recorded

Who Can Use Elearning?

Elearning can be used by any corporation or group that needs to provide training. There are very few topics that cannot be covered in some level of detail through an elearning curriculum. While elearning cannot take the place of hands-on experience it does provide an excellent way to impart information within a company or training center.

There are many ways that elearning is already in use:

  • Certification tests are often delivered by computer, and many of the certification companies offer online and computer based training classes for the certification.
  • Many companies use computer based learning to teach computer skills such as Excel and Word, programming, or operating systems.
  • There are CDs available to teach you to type, cook, or speak a foreign language. These are all examples of elearning.
  • The Free HTML Course on this site is an elearning tutorial to teach HTML.

Creating Elearning

The simplest way to create an elearning curriculum is by creating a web page training course. These types of courses are generally self-paced and not graded. They offer the students the chance to learn the materials provided without including a lot of interaction either with other students or the instructor.

More sophisticated e-courses offer community in the form of forums and chat rooms, email mailing lists for the students, and interactive games and study sessions in the course. Plus they often include quizzes and tests, games, and feedback from the instructor on the student’s progress.

A powerful tool for creating elearning applications is Macromedia Authorware. This application helps you create everything from simple web-based tutorials to highly interactive training simulations incorporating audio and video. It also offers delivery to the web, corporate networks or CD-ROM.

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