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EPUB Editors and Converters


EPUB may become the standard for creating digital books. Electronic Publication (EBUB) incorporates XHTML and XML to develop ebooks for ereaders and smartphones. It is possible to manually create an EBUB file with just a text editor and zip software, but many packages will adapt the book contents to this style for you in just one step. Of the software properties available to create EPUB documents, a number are provided free of charge online or for download.


arellis49/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

Calibre is an ebook management system that will take your original content and create an EPUB file. This software package will also utilize existing digital books and configure the files to work in most readers. The software is free for download and has a simplistic platform. Calibre will work on most any operating system and syncs to many modern ereaders for easy data transfer.

ePUB to Go

ELNEL Consulting, LLC

EPUB 2 Go is an online conversion system that takes PDF files from your computer and creates an EPUB document. This website works primarily for those who wish to modify text for use in an iPhone with Stanza. The conversion is done free of charge and requires no download.



Sigil is an product that works on multiple operating platforms. It is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to adjust the source content and change code. The screen will split to both a book and code view. The software is free to download under the GPLv3 license; however, the company does accept donations. This editor helps you create a table of contents for your book as well as create files in the EPUB format. The guidance system consists of an online manual that takes you through each step.

eCub Creator


ECub is a work-in-process by software architect Julian Smart. This platform will convert files to both EPUB and MobiPocket formats. ECub imports text and XHTML files then builds an EPUB document from them. Software is free to use, but may still have some bugs. ECub works on Windows, Macintosh (OS X), and Linux.

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