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<a> Tag Examples

Examples of the <a> Tag in HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0

The following examples show how to use the <a> tag in XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01

Standard Link

Web Design / HTML at About.com

<a href="http://webdesign.about.com/">Web Design / HTML at About.com</a>

Standard Link with Title

Web Design / HTML at About.com

<a href="http://webdesign.about.com/" title="About.com Web Design and HTML">Web Design / HTML at About.com</a>

Named Fragment

the bottom of the page

Note that any styling on the text is due to About.com styles on the a tag specifically, not because it's a named anchor.

<a name="bottom" id="bottom">the bottom of the page</a>

Link to the named anchor

<a href="#bottom">Link to the named anchor</a>

Link Into a Frame Called "main"

frame link

Note: this will open a new window (with the name "main") because the About.com site is not framed.

<a href="/od/frames/" target="main">frame link</a>

Link in a Series of Pages


<a href="/od/htmltags/p/bltags_abbr.htm" rel="Next" rev="Prev">Next</a>

Link with an Access Key

The access key is a.

Click Alt-A or Opt-A to access this link.

<a href="/od/accessibility/" accesskey="a">The access key is a.</a>
Jennifer Kyrnin

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