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Microsoft Expression

Microsoft Expression is a WYSIWYG Editor for Windows

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Microsoft Expression 4

Microsoft Expression 4

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Update December 22, 2012—Expression Merging with Visual Studio

Microsoft has announced that Expression Web and Expression Design will be merging with Visual Studio. The current versions are now available for free, without technical support. If you purchased Expression, you will receive technical support according to the product lifecycle.

Microsoft Expression combines Expression Web and Expression Design to give you a full graphic and web design suite. If you are a freelance web designer who needs to be able to edit graphics in something more powerful than Paint, you should look at Expression Studio. This suite combines exactly what most web designers need to create great sites with strong support for languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and ASP.Net.

Target Market(s): Professional Web Designers or Professional Web Developers

Review last updated: December 22, 2012.

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Microsoft Expression version: 4
Percent: 62.3%

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