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Flash Animation Tutorials

Tutorials for using animation in your Macromedia Flash movies. Includes tips and techniques for tweening, creating fades and motion effects, and designing preloader animations for your movies. Learn about working with keyframes, cycles, motion guides, and more.

Frame-by-frame Animating
Computer animating in a very traditional style. Onion skin tool, keyframes and tweening. From the About.com Guide to Animation.

Flash Animation Primer
Create a basic animation for a Web site intro page using Flash 4.

Animating Masks in Flash and LiveMotion
"Masks can be used to produce special effects such as a spotlight or a transition. A mask layer is applied to create a hole through which one or more underlying layers are revealed."

Alpha/Onion Skin
"Learn how to get a cool alpha fading, onion skin type of effect used by many Web sites." FLA file available.

Create a Splash Screen in Flash 5
Create a splash screen of an animated logo in Flash 5.

Creating a Logo with a Shape Transition
Create an animated icon that gradually morphs from one shape to another in Flash 5.

Frame by Frame Animation
"In Flash animation, there are three main ways to animate something. These methods are MotionTweening, ShapeTweening, and frame-by-frame animation. Frame-by-frame animation is used when the current frame is completely different from the previous frame, or when you require that some elements in the previous frame remain unchanged." Written for Flash 4.

Layer Masking
"A common technique in Flash introductions to Web sites is called Layer Masking. Although often used in 'tacky' spotlight-like effects, it can also be adapted in various ways for a much more interesting effect."

Painting with Flash 4
Create the effect of painting to reveal an image in Flash 4.

Revolving Text
Create revolving text. FLA file available.

Springy Text
Learn to create a springy text effect. FLA file available.

"A typewriter effect is one of the essential items to learn if you want to be a Flash pro. Learn how to do it, without using confusing Actionscripts." FLA file available.

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